Annual Charity Quiz Night

Join us for our annual charity Byte Night quiz night on Thursday 28th September.

Byte Night in Northern Ireland has also grown year on year. In 2014, 35 sleepers took part and in 2017 over 150 people are expected to sleep out at the Stormont Estate, Belfast.

Having raised almost £8,500 for Byte Night over the last two years, the eir Business NI team aims to continue this upward trend by topping the funds raised and providing more volunteering support. Members of staff have already committed to helping set up, registering attendees, assisting with cloakroom management and photography on the night of the sleep-out. In addition to participating in the sleep-out, Darren Lemon, General Manager at eir Business NI has also taken on the role of co-chair of the Byte Night Northern Ireland Board and is aiming to make Byte Night the fundraising event of choice for Northern Ireland’s vibrant ICT sector.

As well as volunteering for the event, eir Business NI has contributed through a growing number of staff-run fundraising initiatives in support of Byte Night. These have included coffee mornings, marathon and triathlon teams and the annual quiz night. The highly anticipated event in the calendar of both customers and partners of eir raised a fantastic £1,330 last year.

In addition to the money raised by staff through fundraising activities, eir Business NI will contribute £8,000 to Action for Children’s Byte Night through the eir Fund initiative.

If you would like to support eir Business NI in this charitable initiative, you can donate at or round up colleagues and friends and take part in the quiz night, 28th September at the Errigle Inn.