eir UK make 3.6 million and plans for expansion

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Company to take on more staff before end of year

Belfast-based eir UK has posted a profit of £3.6 million in the last financial year through 30 June 2012 an improvement on a £1.3 million loss recorded for the previous full year.

Overall revenues for the year ending 30 June 2012 were down £5.1m as a result of our exit from loss making parts of the business.

The company also announced it will increase its workforce by 25 per cent before the end of the year. Already employing more than 40 staff in Northern Ireland and GB, the company has built a strong reputation for excellence of product and service delivery.

Darren Lemon, general manager of eir UK, said; “It has been an encouraging year for us in what everyone recognises are challenging economic times.

“We are now seeing the benefits from the strategy we implemented four years ago to create a managed service business working with public sector and corporate customers. This area has experienced double-digit growth for the third year running.

“Of course, eir UK is not just about Northern Ireland. There is a strategy in place for expansion into GB and our recent success in being part of a body of 12 companies, selected by the Cabinet Office to build a world class Public Service Network across the UK, gives us a superb platform for this market.

“The Public Services Network is a fundamental building block of the government’s ICT Strategy providing the infrastructure to deliver services to citizens more efficiently and cost effectively.

“In addition to that we also had success in winning the Education Network Northern Ireland contract in collaboration with Northgate Managed Services that will deliver connectivity to more than 1,100 schools across the region.”

In the last year alone eir UK has invested more than £2 million in the expansion of its network in GB, providing seamless connectivity for companies working on both sides of the Irish Sea.

“Customer satisfaction remains high because of the way we deliver complex and sophisticated bespoke solutions for the communication challenges they face, as they seek to do business both in GB and Ireland, north and south,” said Mr Lemon, adding that this was good news for Northern Ireland.

“We are exporting our knowledge and services to the wider UK market and our profitability allows us to continue to invest in people and to expand here in Belfast,” he said. “With nine more staff arriving before the end of the year we look forward to serving our customers both here and in GB in 2013.”