Ireland’s largest telecoms company launches key services in Great Britain

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eir UK’s £2m investment in expansion of network in GB is helping companies on both sides of the Irish Sea

Ireland’s largest telecommunications company, eir, today announced the launch of its key services into the GB marketplace.

The Irish company, which has been trading successfully in Northern Ireland for four years, made the announcement to an audience of MPs, senior business people and the IT industry at a reception in the Members’ Dining Room at the House of Commons.

Darren Lemon, General Manager, eir UK said: “The launch of our services into the GB market is a natural progression for eir. We began operating in Northern Ireland in 2009 and have built an excellent reputation for both our products and our service delivery in that time.

“We have completed a £2m investment in the expansion of our network in GB to date and this is already allowing us to provide seamless connectivity between companies who trade on either side of the Irish Sea.

“Now we’re going one step further, offering bespoke communications solutions including managed network services, enterprise voice and unified communications across GB.

“Although it is a competitive market, we see huge potential for growth and we will continue to invest in the GB market as part of our long term strategy, creating employment as we do so.

“Global economic conditions in the last few years have highlighted the importance of the trading links between Great Britain and Ireland. Exports between the two countries remain high and currently run at €1bn per week,” said Mr Lemon. “That is leading to an increase in the demand for digital connectivity across the Irish Sea and indeed within multi-site operations in GB; a demand we are able to meet.”

In late 2012, eir UK was selected by the Cabinet Office as one of 12 companies who will build a world class Public Service Network across the UK.

“We are looking forward to building our profile and believe we have already created a solid foundation for doing so. We posted profits of £3.6 million after tax in our last financial year in the UK and hope that we can build on that success,” Mr Lemon added.