No-nonsense Bullitt Hotel selects eir Business NI and Zenith Networks to deliver smart IT

Bullitt – Belfast’s newest hotel – is embracing technology to meet demands of the new generation of hotel guests with mobility, social media and a personalised service at the fore.

Thanks to a gigabit private cloud network, delivered and managed by eir Business NI in partnership with Zenith Networks, the Beannchor Group are reaping operational benefits afforded by secure collaboration between its hotel locations including the five-star Merchant and delivering advanced guest services and efficiencies at its newest addition Bullitt.

The managed data network from eir Business NI allows for a consolidation of services such as booking systems between the Group’s hotels and EPOS in their bars and restaurants. It also provides the platform for IP telephony delivering cost savings to the business.

For visitors to Bullitt, named after the 1960s Steven McQueen movie of the same name, the strength and speed of the internet connection from eir and the superfast wireless infrastructure implemented by Zenith means that they can easily access online services from any device without fear of losing connection.

Designed to allow for hundreds of connections potentially streaming video content simultaneously, the network isolates and secures them from each other whilst protecting from attack. This is crucial for Bullitt which promises to offer much more than just a bed for the night, but a place where people can work, relax and socialise.

The wireless capability also means the hotel’s staff can deliver guest services on the move, and restaurant and bar staff can use handheld devices to reliably take orders at the table.

James Sinton, Finance Director at Beannchor Group said: “Whilst improving efficiencies in our operations, this managed cloud solution will ultimately contribute to a reliable and quality service for our guests.

“eir’s proven capabilities to deliver and to manage a secure, high-performing network gave us the confidence and reassurance that is paramount. The platform allows for the smooth running of systems that control everything from guestroom door access to CCTV. Together with the wireless infrastructure from our long term partner Zenith, it has provided us with the opportunity to offer advanced services such as smart fridges and smart TVs that firmly puts in-room entertainment in the hands of our guests from their own devices.”

Matt McCloskey, Sales and Marketing director at eir Business NI, explained: “Our team of engineers monitor the connections 24/7 from our network operations centre in Belfast, ensuring uninterrupted communications for Bullitt and The Merchant Hotel.
“This is critical to their business and the gigabit connectivity ensures sufficient bandwidth for both hotel administration and a superior guest experience.”

Andrew McCartney, Director at Zenith Networks, added: “We are delighted to have worked with Beannchor Group and eir Business NI on one of the most forward thinking projects to be delivered in Belfast. With Bullitt Hotel they have embraced all the advantages of superfast wireless technology, which will benefit the business in its day-to-day operation and the customers during their stay.”

From left are: eir Business NI Sales and Marketing director Matt McCloskey; Finance Director at Beannchor Group, James Sinton; and Andrew McCartney Director at Zenith Networks.