Power NI IP Telephony Solution


As a service provider to consumers and businesses, Power NI had always relied heavily on voice communications for interacting with customers.

When technological developments offered the possibility of combining voice and data onto a single platform, with a host of new capabilities to catapult Power NI’s infrastructure into the 21st century, the organisation turned to Capita Managed IT and eir to deliver the future-proof solution they needed.

“We have always primarily been an inbound call centre – customers contacted us, rather than us being a sales-oriented organisation. In a competitive world, we recognised we may need to move to outbound calls to underpin our customer retention and win-back strategies,” says Jim Clendinning of Power NI.

By combining voice and data on a single mpls network platform, Power NI is also able to integrate web messaging and email, so that customer contact from any medium can be tracked and dealt with more easily and efficiently. This unfied communications solution also offered increased scope and agility for interfacing into other technologies, to serve the business in the years ahead.

“The new voip telephony  and unified communications solution is state of the art. It provides reliability, capacity, resilience, flexibility, functionality, efficiency and a much more secure platform upon which to meet the needs of our customers. The telephony system is fully embedded in our business. The project was a great success.”