Cloud Connectivity

NGN Cloud Connect

eir NGN Cloud Connect delivers a secure interconnect direct to the Microsoft cloud, available island-wide via eir business’s Next Generation Network. And setup is fast, so it’s ready when you are.


Cloud services are transforming IT delivery for enterprises. The rapid scalability of cloud services lets you react faster to new opportunities and seasonal shifts in demand. But without reliable access links, the security and performance of your applications or development activities in the cloud are at risk.  NGN Cloud Connect is the answer:

Maximum reliability for your cloud services
With powerful cloud resources literally on our doorstep, Irish businesses want to connect to Azure as efficiently as possible. Together with Microsoft we give businesses like yours secure, private connectivity to Azure and other Microsoft cloud services, via a purpose-built gateway. Building on the inherent resilience of our network, we’ve established fully diverse paths direct to Microsoft’s ExpressRoute network. This gives you the highest levels of access reliability and service availability for all your Azure services, on paths that scale to the highest capacity you may require.

Rapid, no-fuss implementation
Because we have already integrated our network with Microsoft’s ExpressRoute service, existing
customers can just add NGN Cloud Connect now, without fuss: you don’t need extra hardware,
because we manage your connection to the cloud. This means excellent responsiveness to your
business when it needs to deploy rapidly to the cloud for new projects, or for seasonal variations
in capacity. If you’re not already an eir business customer, we can deliver best-in-class connectivity quickly and cost-effectively.

Robust security for all your users and applications
Your traffic to Azure won’t touch the public internet when you use NGN Cloud Connect. Your
connection is secure and private to you. You enjoy the same robust Service Level Agreements as for all our NGN fibre services.

Cloud access links up to 10Gbps
Choose from a range of speeds from 50Mbps to 10Gbps; low latency on all access speeds means
strong performance from your users’ desktops, with no lag – important for consolidating confidence in the cloud delivery model.

Fully Diverse Connectivity
Each NGN Cloud Connect instance incorporates dual, physically diverse links to Microsoft’s cloud,ensuring the highest levels of availability.