Data Centre Solutions

Managed Datacentre Connectivity: reliable access to your data and applications


The rapid adoption of on-demand and cloud services has seen businesses migrate their applications and data from on-site servers to dedicated data centres. Central to a successful datacentre strategy is ready and reliable access to those crucial applications and data.

Our fully-managed datacentre solution offers businesses a secure, robust connection to their datacentre, ensuring employees can access the applications and data they need, when they need it. Intelligent management of the connection by the expert eir Business NI team means businesses can tailor traffic priorities to their unique demands, while proactive monitoring ensures business continuity.

We provide high-capacity, resilient and secure connectivity between our customer’s LAN and datacentres, and within the datacentre itself.  Proactive management and quality of service guarantees availability and optimum performance of the traffic that matters most. Our network is based on industry leading Cisco routing and switching platforms using DWDM, supporting multiple applications and faster speeds over a single connection.

Our data centre solutions are ideal for those who need guaranteed always-on connectivity to their datacentre with the ability to separate and prioritise traffic to, from and within the datacentre on specific business needs.


We offer:

  • Inter-datacentre Connectivity
  • Datacentre Fabric Design/Switching
  • Additional Datacentre services such as load balancing and security services