Peerless Networks

A smarter network to get your business rising. A network unlike any other.


Why settle for a network that works fine, when your business could thrive on an eir Peerless Network?

With Peerless Networks, we offer you something that your future business deserves:  the most attentive, proactively managed network you’ll find anywhere.  We design your network to make it work harder for you.  We manage your network to ensure it’s always running at its peak – optimum performance, minimal downtime.   We continuously monitor your network to stay one step ahead and recommend how to make it work smarter.

Rather than worrying about the challenges that the future digital universe will present, be ready for the opportunities it will bring.  If you believe your IT team have got better things to do than manage your network, let someone else help.


Managed and monitored from our Belfast Network Operations Centre, your local and wide-area network will always run at its peak.  Always stay one step ahead and continue to work smarter for you.

Tailored to your business priorities

eir Peerless Networks is a tailored managed network service built around your critical business functions. When issues occur, our remediation focuses on incidents with the greatest potential impact on your operations.

Expert skills, delivering better network reliability

Our highly skilled engineers are available around the clock, proactively managing your network. Using predictive analysis, we proactively resolve issues before they impact your business, and our frequent updates help you keep stakeholders informed.

Better configuration management

Achieve significant time savings for your busy IT team, with rapid roll back to earlier device configurations if needed. We also raise and escalate an alert on any unauthorised configuration changes.

A partnership model you control

You decide the extent to which you’d like to out-task network monitoring and management responsibilities. You can choose from our different service levels, which offer increasing levels of oversight by our network engineers.

Optimum Performance.  Minimum Downtime.  Maximum Opportunity.