Security Solutions

We work with our partners Cisco and Fortinet to design, deliver and manage the right solution for each and every customer.  Our solutions offer enterprise-class protection and detection technology to ensure your network is safe against threats from outside and within.

We work with you to design robust security policies and best practice as well as ensuring you have the right technology & infrastructure to do the job for you.  Our team of security specialists will proactively manage and monitor the network to provide the highest standards of protection and security.

As part of our security solutions portfolio, we offer the encryption of network traffic by a gateway device to ensure protection of communications between local networks. Enabling this kind of encryption across different points of the network can provide significant protection from the most advanced of attackers.  Using a gateway means enterprise traffic will be encrypted regardless of protocol to bring reduced complexity.

We offer:

  • firewalls
  • encryption
  • remote access
  • professional services